Smoke Rings

| November/December 1977

  • It appears to be a marine type

  • A valve on one of the pipes

  • A cast iron water hopper

  • It appears to be a marine type
  • A valve on one of the pipes
  • A cast iron water hopper

Hi Dear Friends - Well, deadline is coming up very fast and this place has been like Grand Central Station with people buzzing in and out as we have encountered a few problems. We had to put in a new furnace- then a valve on one of the pipes broke which made a rusty mess and now we have Termites-they're here today drilling holes everywhere and getting into the extermination of them. Well, I had asked the Lord to help me get the basement really cleaned out (that's where my office is) but I didn't count on such drastic measures. God cares about all our problems, you know, even little ones. So I just continue to praise Him for the way He works in our lives. So keep on praying, but be careful-you might be asking for more than you thought. Don't think I'm blaming God for these problems, I'm not- Oh, he knew they were going to happen-it just fit in time-wise with my prayers. Now on to the letters

ANDREW GOODMAN, 1200 East 'O' Street, P. O. Box 80957, Lincoln, Nebraska 68501 writes: 'Among our collection of older tractors, we have a Model C Co-op tractor. This is a very unusual tractor and we have not been able to obtain any information concerning it. We would appreciate hearing from anyone in this regard. The tractor is pretty much complete with the exception of the wheels.' (Help him Fellas, you should know if it is very unusual and be happy to write him.)

Here's a good top from JIM HICKEY, 1336 Peach Avenue, El Cajon, California 92021: 'A while back someone wrote in and advised that Wico magneto condensers could be replaced with a modern type (NAPA #7-01314 or ECHLIN #OM-201). I tried it and it didn't work-until I wrapped the condenser with insulating tape. So remember the metal shell of the condenser must not touch any part of the magneto.'

LAWRENCE FRIESTAD, Box 583, Winner, South Dakota 57580 writes: 'I'm fairly new to old gas hit and miss engines and enjoy your magazine for all the help it is for me. I wish it came monthly.

I'd like to know if someone knows for sure the color mix to paint International or McCormick engines. I've seen them painted nearly every color of the green, blue and red spectrum of the rainbow. My engines have a little blue green paint left on them, but its faded enough I don't trust it for matching colors. If someone in your 'reader land' sells paint or knows how to mix the paint, I'd really appreciate it.

It seems someone, somewhere knows how to do every task necessary to restore engines if a person could just find them.' (We have quite a few requests for this same type of information-so if you perform a service that is not well known and relative to the Gas Engine Magazine, please let us hear from you.)


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