| November/December 1976

Well, by now, I guess winter has 'set in' all over the parts of the country that claims this yearly season. Hope your spirits are up for the forthcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas Holidays. Surely you know you have my Best Wishes and Blessings for the upcoming weeks - just wish I could drop in and say Hi to each one of you. We'd sit a spell, chat a while, break bread, I'd even help you tie that bow on the package, mix the batter of cookies or whatever and then together, have a prayer and then a Christian hug or handshake; away I'd go to the next member of our G.E.M. family-well, can't be that way but I can wish you well through this column and you in return respond when I get your letters and your beautiful comments - I guess I'm just saying 'Love ya and God Bless.' And now onto the sharing of each others ideas and interests as we publish the letters and expound our views on the printed page---

CHARLES FOLAND, R. R. 3, Grant City, Missouri 64456 recently purchased an Economy 5 HP gas engine in excellent condition. He would like to know the original color of engine.

WM. C. KUHL, 464 South 5 Sebewaing, Michigan 98709 comments; 'I have two Ideal gas engines and would like to know horsepower of same. No. 1 has a 12-?' diameter flywheel, 3?' bore 4' stroke. No. 2 engine has 11' diameter flywheel, 3?' bore ?' stroke. No nameplates on either engine.

I enjoy magazine very much - can't wait til it comes every two months.

From NEIL ATKINSON, 120 Bay Street, Cleveland 4163, Qld. Australia, the following: 'I hope you will be able to help me with an engine I am restoring. It is a Keller engine made by the Bloomer Machine Works of Bloomer, Wisconsin. Engine number is 2037 and it is rated at 1? HP at 500 RPM. It can be described as a horizontal hopper-cooled four cycle with an automatic inlet valve and governed by hit and miss governor operating on the exhaust valve. The crankshaft and running gear is open and lubrication is by grease cup and sight feed lubricator.

So much for description, now my main problem is there is no magneto and I would welcome any information regarding this, assuming of course that it was magneto ignition; also the carburetor or mixing device seems original but ever so simple, so any information to this and the year of manufacture would be greatly appreciated. 'I'm trusting that your readers may be able to help.'