Smoke Rings

| November/December 1974

Hi Dear Friends!

Instead of me gabbing about my ups and downs, I want you to read a nostalgic bit of 'days of yore'. It is entitled WHO ELSE CAN REMEMBER? and it comes from HAROLD E. HOMAN, King Road, RD, Silver Creek, New York 14136 (Bet you'll enjoy it and it will find you remembering lots more things too, maybe some things you should remember and a couple you shouldn't, but go ahead take a walk down Memory Lane).

'We went to town on Saturday night to hear local bands play and maybe folks could spare a nickel for an ice cream cone.

Toys were a luxury so we made things by ourselves. Separator cylinders we made from broom sticks and finishing nails. Someone hammered out a crank and robbed parts of Dad's harness for a belt to get up speed.

All types of threshers came around; a nice Westinghouse came one year. Another time an Old Horizontal came along and spent nearly a week getting two hundred bushel.

Two brothers had a Buffalo Pitts. One said, 'We go Vintons tomorrow - bring the short belt.' They forgot. Rather than drive back home, 20 miles back and forth, they had to use the jackknife. What a pity!