| November/December 1973

Phil Gores

Courtesy of Walter T. Smith, R.D. 3, Newport, Pennsylvania 17074.

Walter T. Smith, R.D.

Hi! We've been having such beautiful crisp Autumn days lately - always makes me feel happy that I live in an area that has the four seasons. I thoroughly enjoy each one of the quarters of the quarters of the year - just don't know if I would want to adapt to one type of season all year.

I love the colors of the Autumn landscape and enjoy the decorations of harvested grains, pumpkins, gourds, etc. I think the children enjoy these things too, but their ideas also drift to costumes for the upcoming Hallowe'en parties, Jack-O-Lanterns, Trick or Treat night and such items. Which reminds me, our Tommy was nine in September and still enjoys this type of thing and I must get busy and get his disguise together for school and town affairs. I'm sure a lot of your folks are doing the same things - I know we have lots more in common than just our magazines.

N.J. HICKOCK, Amboy, Minnesota 56010 sends us this thought - 'All the time I keep reading about every one cleaning and painting these old engines - It's every one for 'each his own'. It's true, they maybe look nice, but most of the time the color isn't right or there is too much trim and etc.

We clean our engines pretty good, but we like to see'em in their working clothes and just a wee, wee bit of old grease on 'em yet.

We just recently bought a little old 1-1/2 HP Galloway air-cooled with a fan from a Mr. Anderson at Judson, Minnesota, This nice gentleman is 85 years young and he bought this little engine from Waterloo, Iowa when he was 22 years old and he has had it all these years. We bought it, gave it gas and spark from the original coil and away she went. It's a real jewel and a pleasure to hear run. Pease, don't write and ask a price, cause it's not for sale - No Way!

We found and bought a nice 6 HP upright Monitor from a gentleman, Mr. Gracy at Olatha, Kansas. We think this engine is sort of a winner, too.