Smoke Rings

| November/December 1972

  • Smoke Rings

  • Smoke Rings

Last month I mentioned that ING-VARD K. HAUGEN, Hannaford, North Dakota 58448 was seeking information on a Sattley 5 HP engine.

Right now it is just beautiful October weather, you know--or maybe you don't if you've never been where the climate changes through the year--but the mornings are so tingly and the air is crisp, makes you praise God so easily for his. blessings of beautiful days.

Nevertheless, this is the Nov-Dec. issue and I must bestow upon all you wonderful people--Good Wishes for the forthcoming Holidays and may you find a New Year filled with promise--may some wonderful things happen for you that never has before--and may you be filled with the Holy Spirit each day.

I have a nice newsy letter from THOMAS M. JENSEN, 559 Sheldon Road, Palmyra, New York 14522 who edits as follows: 'I am a retired Greyhound driver, after 28 years with the Hound. I had to take forced retirement because of my back and stomach trouble. You might have guessed, hurt my back trying to put a 3 horse Fairbanks-Morse on a skid so I could get it home.

I started out collecting old cars but lost interest when I found that to be rather expensive. I sold one 1936 Grayham Paige and a 1928 Ford. I still have my early 1939 Plymouth, shift on the floor.

A few years back my next door neighbor gave me a 1? HP, I believe it's an Alamo, with the Vacuum pump built inside the right flywheel. It was all rusted and set up. My son and I took it all apart, piece by piece, buffed all parts and put it back together and lo and behold, a few turns with the crank--it started. That was my beginning as a collector of gas engines. I have since collected a 3 HP Fairbanks-Morse, a P/2 Witte, with manual, a 1 HP I.H.C., a 1? Economy and have options on several others.