| May/June 1984

A Nameplate is Vaughan Motor Company

Well, how about the shows out there waiting, guys? There is much in store of '84! It seems each year we have more organizations forming and that's what keeps you all interested in this hobby only trouble is you just can't get to see them all but when you do make your trek from show to show make new friends, find out many more things, and give us some of your ideas also have fun and there are so many letters of interest we'll just plunge into them.

We'll begin with the following letter from DARREL STEELE, JR., HC 64, Box 94, Ainsworth, Nebraska 69210:

'I am in need of information on some of my gas engines. I would like to know the year these engines were made: Sandwich Cub S/N AA27678, 575 RPM; a Galloway 2 HP No. 4892 and a Fairbanks Morse headless Type Z, 1 HP S/N 285422. Would also appreciate knowing the color of green paint used on these engines. I would like to know the Sumter magneto model used. The fourth engine is a Cushman vertical cylinder, 4 HP Model C7, 850 RPM engine no. 56546.

'I would also like information about a Diamond T truck which I believe was made about 1925 to 1930. Cab serial no. is 530 AK. It is of wooden frame construction covered with sheet metal. Truck model K2C and the chassis NO. 3119011334. The truck uses Timken front and rear axles, Diamond Ts on transmission and 36 x 6 tires, however, 7.50 x 24 will work. The doors are the suicide type opening from the front. Engine is a Hercules model L, 4' bore. Engine no. 1072009, 4 cylinder valve in block.'

'I bought a small tractor without a name that I have identified as Haas-Atomic. It has a two cylinder upright Novo engine on it, which isn't original. This tractor has a planetary rear end and a speed reducer gear box between the transmission and rear end. The clutch is a separate unit mounted in a steel box which is bolted to the front of the transmission, not attached to the engine flywheel. Rear tires are 7.50 x 16, front tires are 5.00 x 12. If anyone has one like this, please write GORDON AEBIG, 312 Maple Street, Shelby, Michigan 49455. Gordon will appreciate information on the little Novo also.

MARK SAWYER, 110 Price Street, Soose Creek, South Carolina, 29445 would like to know if there are any small engine clubs that collect just small engines. He would appreciate hearing from you as he likes collecting small engines, the kind that are sometimes called shelf pets. (I know there are lots of clubs and I'm sure the small engines are welcome, but I'm not sure there are any just for the little ones. Please get in touch with Mark if you are aware of this type of organization, and 1 would like to hear from you also!)