Smoke Rings

| May/June 1982

Hi Dear Gas Engine Family Members! Here it is-show time again! And, we have much material so I won't take a lot of your time with small talk-on to better things:

First, in March-April issue on page 17 there was a story written by BOB KILBARGER and his wife, Verna. It was called Phoney Baloney and was quite different. You were to find as many engines as you could in the story-some were very easily found-others were not quite so easy to detect. Following is the list of 35 engines included in the story: John Deere, International, Charter, Edwards, Economy, Banner, Majestic, Wonder, Jumbo, Challenge, Friend, Taylor, Maytag, Westinghouse, Wisconsin, Alamo, Hercules, Larson, Little, Sandwich, Monitor, Empire, Hogg, Bull Dog, Tom Thumb, .Lazier, Fuller Johnson, Witte, New Way, Clay, United, Domestic, Ideal, Joy, and Associated. How did you make out?? Wasn't it fun? Maybe sometime another story could be written-how about it? I know there is a lot more than 35 engines.

Beginning with a short letter, RICHARD KOUBA, Regent, North Dakota 58650 writes: 'I really enjoy the Gas Engine Magazine. I have recently discovered a Witte diesel power plant with a serial number of D14117. It is a 12 HP and the generator is 7200G19. Can anyone help identify the age or furnish me an address of the Witte Company? Any help will be greatly appreciated.'

'I am fairly new at restoring gasoline engines and would like a little help from some of the veterans. In my small collection I have a 1? HP John Deere 1923 vintage with open crankcase. I have also recently acquired a 6 HP Worthington kerosene engine #34064. It is missing some parts-see Want Ads. I would also like to know if this is a rare engine as I hear little about them in GEM or at Meets. All help will be greatly appreciated and all letters will be answered,' says GREG PREVIS, Route 1, Box 308, King William, Virginia 23086.

'I have a question for your Smoke Rings department-could you possibly pass it along? asks JIM HARRINGTON, Route 1, Box 147, Sweet Springs, Missouri 65351.

'I own a 1930 Farmall Regular and would like to get it back to its original color. I think it's supposed to be gray, but would like to know the name of the color and where it might be available. Likewise with the color of the wheels. I can buy a set of decals locally, but am not sure exactly where all of them should be placed. Any information would be appreciated. I look forward to receiving GEM. Thank you.'