Smoke Rings

| May/June 1979

Smoke Rings

Here we are-rolling right along into the 79 shows, roundups, jamborees or whatever you choose to call them-they're fun and great vacations for many of you folks-to others they are new at all this and getting a taste of gas engine fever- which will probably put a boost in the rank of subscribers which gives the G.E.M. family more inspiration to keep on growing. Not only will our new members get enjoyment and help from our publication, but no doubt you'll find some beautiful friendships which we hope will continue over the years-and now on to the letters:

And here is one of our subscribers with a note for help: 'I have been enjoying the G.E.M. and I.M.A. magazines for a year and a half. So I am new at collecting and restoring and need help. Recently, I bought a 2 cylinder Leroy engine. It is frozen, cranks backwards, doesn't give horsepower rating-so I really need starting information. Your magazines are great and keep up the good work. This comes from DAVID BRUMBAUGH, Route 1, Box 192, Camden, Indiana 46917. (Hope your G.E.M. brothers write you real soon.)

JOSEPH MARION, E. Main Road, Little Compton, Rhode Island 02837 has recently acquired a 10 HP vertical Stoddard gas engine, manufactured in Rutland, Vermont and an 8 HP horizontal sideshaft Miami, manufactured by Middleton Machine Company, Middleton, Ohio. Any information anyone has on either of these engines, will be greatly appreciated.

EDWARD T. SMOLINSKI, 6901 Coolridge Drive, Camp Springs, Maryland 20031 is awaiting your help: 'I recently acquired a 1? HP 500 R.P.M. McCormick Deering gas engine, in perfect condition, manufactured by International Harvester Company, No. A-W80779. Is there any way to determine the exact year of manufacture? I thank you for any help and information you can give me.

Information wanted from PAUL W. PROFFITT, Route 5, Glasgow, Kentucky 42141 as he tells us: 'I have a Rock Island engine, serial #A30539, 1 HP. I would like to know the year it was built and the original color.' (Do hope you proffitt from this letter to our readers who might be able to answer you.)

GEORGE POPP, 1814 So. 3rd, Niles, Michigan 49120 says: 'I need help! I have two Cushman upright engines with overhead valve, push rod and impulse magneto. I'm looking for instruction and what colors were these engines-and year they were made. They are 4 HP.' (You'll probably be hearing from some of our faithful writers, George.)