Smoke Rings

| May/June 1978

The long-awaited spring weather has finally come upon us. We have dug out from the harsh winter and are now prepared to relax and enjoy the beautiful sights and sounds that only Springtime can offer.

Spring has also prompted many inquiries to our column; so let's get down to business with the many, many letters:

Sometimes people travel all over the world searching for diamonds, while once in a great while someone finds them in his own backyard. ERSA WILLIAMSON of Corydon, Iowa was one of those who found a diamond in his back yard - well almost. A dilapidated shed was torn down on a farm only a few miles north of Corydon. When all the many years of accumulated debris was cleared out, there was an upright Stickney engine. The engine was in fairly good shape - except for a possum dead in the water hopper, drowned due to the roof leaking water into the hopper. Two gears had broken teeth, but this will be a small item as there is a welder here in Corydon who can weld anything but a broken heart. The problem is Ersa knows nothing about this engine in the matter of operation. It is a hot bulb or hot tube ignition type and Ersa needs help. He would also like to know the approximate dates these were built, surprisingly there is no model number or serial number plate on it. The only identification on the engine is a very, very faded decal that you can barely make out the name Stickney. Ersa would appreciate any help he can get. Here is his address: Ersa Williamson, Corydon, Iowa 50060.

SIGURD  K. RUDORF, 5276 Boettce, West Bend, Wisconsin 53095 writes: 'In the last issue of the magazine, you wrote that I had certain information on the Smith-Briggs Motor Wheel. That led to quite a number of inquiries, and I was happy to mail the requested information to all but two of the folks who wrote to me. In one case, I was not given a return address, and can't read the name, so if Mr. Robert G-- -g- -- will write to me once more, and give me his address, I'll send him the package.'

MORSE B. BAKER, 4100 West Huron River Drive, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48103, tells us he has complete blueprints of gas and diesel lever engines. The diesel is a 2 cycle and the gas is a 4 cycle. The engines were made in Charleston, Illinois, sometime in the 1930s. He needs information on the whereabouts of any of these two engines.

BERT BRYANT YOUNG, R.R. 1, Box 704, Dover, Delaware 19901 explains to us that he is presently restoring a 3 HP Empire gasoline engine sold by the Empire Cream Separator Company and would like to know what the correct color of this engine is supposed to be. Also, he indicates, that in the Jan.-Feb. issue of GEM there was an article by a man who restored a Model L Case Tractor. Mr. Young has a Model L Case that is yet to be restored and it needs a lot of extensive maintenance. It is an old mode! with a flat fan belt and it is on steel wheels. He would like information on the availability of repair parts, either new or used, but in serviceable condition. Also any technical data pertaining to the engine, as well as other components of the tractor would be helpful.


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