Smoke Rings

| May/June 1977

  • Badger horizontal engine

  • Badger horizontal engine

ARTHUR WEGNER, Route 3, Box 122, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 writes: 'Have been getting the G.E.M. from the very first issue to date and wish it came more often -enjoy the magazine very much.

Great power, economy and splendid design.

The picture I use on my stationery and envelopes is of a very old engine that I obtained from a lady that sold me the page from an old blacksmith catalogue from back around the turn of the century. There was no manufacturer's name listed. The rocker arm and governor are reversed on a picture of an early C. P. & J. Lauson picture that I have seen. Otherwise, the engine looks the same. So that is what I think it must be, unless it was a forerunner to the C. P. & J. Lauson. The engine was built in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. I had an uncle try to find out about it, but there aren't any records to be found about the C. P. & J. Lauson Company available.' (Any of you fellows know anything about this? I'm sure Arthur would like to hear any added data you may have.)

Our best wishes to a newly formed organization-Schiermeier-Hoefelmann Threshing Association, Inc. (And Other Shenanigans) Antique Auto & Machinery Show. They will have their first presentation July 30, 31 at St. Paul's Lutheran Park, New Melle, Missouri where they expect to see many of their friends who are interested in the same hobby. This organization is non-profit. (See Coming Events Ad).

DECKER SCHUCH, 2782 N. 71st Street, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53210 has a nice comment to pep us all up: 'Kindly renew my subscription. The day the magazine arives, all other activities are shelved until its been read from cover to cover.' (Thanks Decker-glad you enjoy it.)

L. H. LUCKADO, 9201 Guilford Road, R. F. D., Box 152, Jessup, Maryland 20784 wrote this letter in answer to Ervin Marten who had a letter in March-April G.E.M. 1977, page 15: