Smoke Rings

| May/June 1977

  • Cushman upright binder engine

    Henry L. Abels

  • Cushman upright binder engine

CARL BLACKWELL, Route 2, Box 206C, Wynne, Arkansas 72396 is hoping someone will be interested in his letter: 'I have an engine that I have just acquired. It is an 8 HP, 275 rpm hit and miss, built by the Southern Engine and Boiler Works, Jackson, Tennessee. It has 40' flywheels, 3?' face and is quite heavy. It is complete except for the carburetor (see ad under Wanted). What kind of carburetor did this engine use? Also it has right glass oilers for the mains and a right glass mounted on the grease shield; how did the oil get down to the rod bearing? I would like to hear from anybody who has one of these engines. What was the color? When were they made?' (Got the answers? Let Carl hear them please.)

MIKE RAMPOLDI, 28222 Vine Avenue, Escalon, California 95320 would be interested in some basic information on Novo engines -I think he means the whole list of them -with serial numbers, horsepower, RPM, year and purpose. If anyone cares to work up a list like that-send it to me and we'll see if we can get it in the magazine-would probably please a lot of folks.

And two questions from JAMES G. HAYNIE, Route 2, Ash Grove, Missouri 65604; 'Help! Can anyone tell me if there is any way to tell if the ignitor is firing on an engine with a low tension mag on it?

Also, what was the connection of the United engines and the Associated engines as many partsare lettered the same and are interchangable? Hoping for some answers!'

MAURICE ROBERTS, R. R. 2, Otterbein, Indiana 47970 is seeking information as he states: 'I have acquired an odd engine which is incomplete. The horizontal water hopper has the name Stickney and 1? HP cast on it. The gas tank seems to be mounted on top of the water hopper. Can any of your readers help me? I need information on the ignitor and the valve train. Thanks for any help you can give me.'

DAN STEINHOFF, New Ashford, Massachusetts 01237 asks for help: 'I am trying to authenticate the record set by a Holt 120 tractor pulling a 24-bottom plow. I have seen several references and pictures about this in the magazines, but to date have not been able to come up with the official date, place and supervision of this test.'


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