Smoke Rings

| May/June 1976

Hi to all you wonderful people in the G.E.M. family - it's time to get this magazine to the printers again, and right now, I'm feeling pretty horrible - I have a bad cold and all that goes with it - the sore throat, and congestion moving down into the chest - but I'm praising the Lord any how - you know God tells us in his word to give Thanks in all things, and I must say I am just learning how to do that - no matter what comes, Praise God anyhow - there is a reason for whatever is happening - it's helping you grow spiritually. Of course you realize, many problems are brought on by our own disobedience to God by not caring for our bodies as he would have us do - think about it! A thought came to me though through this cold - wouldn't it be wonderful if we could spread Christian Love as easily as we do the common cold? How about that - wouldn't that be great? And then if it would only last! Oh well, it's a beautiful thought, but I've got to get on with the letters.

FRED BURKHARDT, JR., Route 3, Box 136, Robstown, Texas 78380 writes: 'I have been receiving G.E.M. for almost a year and enjoy it very much. I am hoping someone can help me with a one cylinder Fairbanks Morse Z. It is a 3 HP, 450 RPM, has throttling governor, breaker point type igniter, and a gear driven Sumter Electric Co. magneto from Chicago, Illinois.

I bought a new set of piston rings that according to the S.N. the rings I got are correct, they fit the piston and groove, but the 2nd and 3rd piston grooves have a lug or pin imbeded to keep the rings from turning. The old rings are angle cut and have a notch cut in one side where they come together. This is on the bottom side of the piston. The new rings are straight cut and have no notch. Should I file out the lug in the piston groove or try to file a notch in the new rings? What is the reason for the lugs?' (Help him out fellows - I can present the problems, but I can't give the answers.)

Many of you folks have been asking about the cookbooks and how to get one and etc. Don't worry, when they are available, well have them advertised, but that won't be for a long time yet. If you are interested in sending a recipe in, pick out a favorite or up to three recipes, but no more than that from one person and well see if we can find a place in the book for them.

ROBERT P. WEIS, Box 668, Mount Hermon, Massachusetts 01354 is still looking for help on his Sandwich baler. He has a 1923 Sandwich Hay Press with a Big Six Kerosene engine which he is restoring. He had run an ad in our GEM asking for literature on this machine to buy or borrow and he has had no answers - How about it? He would like to hear from you.

We're happy to welcome another new club under the name of Mammoth Cave Antique Engine and Tractor Association, Inc. of Cave City, Kentucky 42127. SYDNEY BUNNELL, President sent along a short report of how they got started:


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