Smoke Rings

| May/June 1974

  • Smoke Rings

  • McCormick Deering
    Courtesy of Paul E. Jones, Box 53, Leslieville, Alberta TOMIHO
    Paul E. Jones
  • Keck Gonnerman
    Courtesy of Walt Townsend, Box 53, McNabb, Illinois, 61335
    Walt Townsend

  • Smoke Rings
  • McCormick Deering
  • Keck Gonnerman

May-June issue already beginning our second year with Mr. Lestz at the head of the magazine. With change overs, there are always new trials and experiences until the ways are changed and readapted etc. We have had errors, and there will always be those - although we try very hard to keep things perfect. We thank you for being patient with us and we can say 'Things are looking better all the time!' We of the staff are getting used to working with each other, and you folks are tolerant with the snags we ran into with new address etc. May we look forward to a second and better year together?

We've had quite a few requests for the magazine to come out monthly -but I wonder really what percentage of people would want this - it would be much more expensive you know. Drop us a line as to your feelings on the matter.

I have many letters this issue for the column, so I'll not take any more space just 'gabbing' -- we'll start off with a letter from KENNETH W. FISHER, Box 66, Luzerne, Iowa 52257 - 'First of all, let me tell you how much I enjoy the Gas Engine Magazine and your article, Smoke Rings (Thanks Ken, I needed that)! Three years ago I bought a 4 HP K.G. Stover engine, Serial Number KG 170583. It was a real basket case and I bought it for, believe it or not, $2.00. I wrote to Lester L. Roos, who as many of you know has all the Stover Engine Company records and blueprints and parts. When he looked my engine number up, he found that it was sold originally to the Amona Society Sawmill at Homestead, Iowa on March 21, 1927. According to Lester, by all his records, there are only three such engines known to exist. Of the three, mine is the oldest. The other engines are owned by C.L. Clark, 4802 Courthouse Road, Fredricksburg, Virginia 22401 (K.G. 180992) and Kenneth D. Jones, Route 2, Box 149, Vale, Oregon 97918 (K.G. 207315).

Thanks to much help and consideration on the behalf of Lester Roos, I have the engine all restored and according to him, as good as new. It ran at the 1973 Mount Pleasant Show here in Iowa. My question for your column is: Lester has all the recorded Stovers listed and I was wondering if anyone out there in Gas Engine Land had a 4 HP K.G. Stover that was not recorded with Lester? All the three engines of this type that Lester has recorded are throttle governor, speed 525 r.p.m.

I would appreciate hearing from anyone else that may have one that is not recorded. I would like to go on thinking that I have the rarest one of this type and I guess I can find out if I get no reply from your running this letter in the column.'

WALLACE TINSLEY, Route 10, Box 176, Anderson, South Carolina 29621 is restoring a Witte Headless 12 HP engine, Model No. 41673 and he would be very happy to hear from someone having an engine of the same type.


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