| May/June 1972

All material for the next issue of the Magazine (July-August) should be in our office no later than June 1, 1972.

My heartiest wishes to all you folks who are getting ready or on the way to Reunions. I had hoped to get to Cheraw, South Carolina this year but it was not to be-so perhaps next time- they say that is so beautiful there, along with the atmosphere of the engines. Most of these affairs are not expected to have beauty surrounding them but this Show does. Mrs. Rogers' hobby is flowers and the lands are picturesque with waterways, bridges, bushes, flowers and etc. Keep that in mind for next year if you don't make it.

And now, I have so many letters for Smoke Rings, I'll just have to get started----

DOUG FISKE, 1800 River Street, Iowa Falls, Iowa 50126 relates that he has been a collector only several months but has completely restored three engines so far. He would also like help in locating a magneto and igniter for a 9 HP Galloway and any information on original color for a Rawleigh Schryer engine. (Readers to the aid of Doug).

JOE F. BENES, Route 1, Richey, Montana 59259 signals for some answers-'I own an Aultman Taylor, 30-60 tractor, which has a Detroit lubricator on it which is made to feed so many drops of oil per minute. I would like to know, how many drops per minute each main bearing, connecting rod bearing and cylinder are to receive at 500 rpms of the engine which is 50 rpm short of top speed. I was told by some of the old timers that the lubricator doesn't have to be used, which looks silly to me. A manufacturer wouldn't put it on a machine for looks. Besides in the Nebraska State Test it states that there was 15 gallons of oil added to the lubricator in 36 hours of running, so it must be used.

I would also like to find out what is supposed to be the correct valve tappet setting for this type of a tractor engine. Maybe there is somebody that has an instruction book to copy out of-thanks for any help I get.' (Don't let this avid fan down, please).