Smoke Rings

| March/April 1984

Well, Hi to all you dear folks out there. It isn't March yet but I was ready for Spring long ago-how about you? We've had a lot of ice and cold weather back here, but I know many places are much worse. Well, just think, this is the March-April issue and I'll bet you have your garden catalogs marked and perhaps have already planned your orders for this year. And, of course, some of you are already set to go to the upcoming meets and shows with that newly renovated engine and all the other things that go along with it. Keep up your hopes-won't be too long now! But while you're waiting, get out a bit of green in honor of all us Irishmen across the land and then get ready for the spring plant in' and, of course, Easter! Bless you all and hope you have a great engine season coming up!

I found a little bit of philosophy you might enjoy reading and deciding which pattern fits you. It's called TOMORROW. Today is the wise man's day; tomorrow is the fool's day. The wise man is the man who, when he sees what ought to be done, does it today. The foolish man is the man who, when he sees what ought to be done, says, 'I will do it tomorrow'. The men who always do today the thing they see ought to be done today are the men who make a success for time and for eternity. The men and women who put off until tomorrow what ought to be done today are the men and women who make a shipwreck of time and of eternity-Banks. (For me, I have some of each of the above-it's so easy to procrastinate, isn't it, at times-well, perhaps we can work more to the positive side and do things when they should be done.) Onto those much looked-for letters-

'I have recently acquired a 15 HP Reid hot tube engine and have a few problems and need to correspond with other Reid owners, preferably in South Georgia or Florida. Call collect to BOB BURKE, 775 Lakeshore Drive, Tallahassee, Florida 32312. 904-385-6676 Evenings.'

DAVID A. RAND, Route 3, Box 121 B, Shawano, Wisconsin 54166 is trying to get a collection of McCormick Deering machinery and wonders if someone could tell him what colors to paint a McCormick Deering grain binder. It is a 6 foot Type E. Also, he would like to know what color to paint the non-galvanized parts of a Mc-D. threshing machine.

Get your thinking caps on as DAN EHLERDING, 1639 Gallimore Road, Jamestown, Ohio 45335, 513-486-5121 writes: 'My father and I recently met with two elderly gents who were neighbors of my father while he was growing up. We talked about all of the old tractors that were used in the area. They spoke of a Heider, Grandpa's Moline Universal and a tractor of unknown origin. The unknown tractor was front wheel drive and steered like the old Moline but had one thing different. The tractor had rope controls that would go around a wheel-shaped affair on top of the transmission. The driver pulled the rope one way for reverse and opposite for forward. The tractor was orange in color. If anyone can identify such a tractor, I would appreciate knowing. Thanks!'

A man with a problem who writes with expectations of answers is BILL VAGER, JR., RR#1, Box 158 Church Road, Salt Point, New York 12578. 'I have a Kewanee Private Utilities shallow well pumping engine, Type 18A and would be interested in hearing from anyone with the same type engine. I am in the process of restoring one of these and can't seem to find anyone in my area with this type of Kewanee. Because of this, I have no way of knowing if the pumping part of my engine is complete. A photo from any collectors who may have one would help me greatly in figuring out this problem. I also would like to know the original color and whether or not it was pin striped. Did all these pumps come with stands or was that optional? I'm also curious about the date my engine was manufactured, S/N 9742. Would enjoy corresponding with anyone with same type engine and will appreciate all material or information available.'


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