| March/April 1983

5 HP Jaeger

DALE NICKERSON, Glasgow Road, Cassadaga, New York 14718 sends this: 'I figure it's time to let everyone know what transpired as a result of my birth control pill want ad in the July-August issue.

'For some reason the engine name was misspelled, should have been Jacobson. Was going to send a request that the ad be placed in the next issue with the name corrected but gave the idea up after realizing the panic that could ensue if everybody knew what I was up to.

'Shortly after the ad appeared, a very good friend who realized what could happen if the Jacobson propagation rate wasn't brought under control, sent a most generous supply of prescription pills. He was the only one to offer help; sorry, I can't disclose his name.

'Since the Jacobson breeding season is during September and October, I had time to devise a plan of action. Much thought was given as to the best way to distribute the pills over the large territory around Warren, Pa., home of the Jacobson.

'It was decided to broadcast them from a helicopter, a service was contacted and after convincing them of the urgency and potentially dangerous nature of the mission, they donated the use of a helicopter and pilot. I say dangerous, because there are people who would stop at nothing to prevent the mission from being carried out.

'On a gloomy morning in early September, we loaded the helicopter and took off for Warren. Started shoveling pills to the wind five miles from the center of town and made an ever widening circle. It was tedious work shoveling those hundreds of pounds of pills, but it was a job that had to be done. Once in awhile the sound of gunfire could be heard far below, but that didn't deter us.