| March/April 1983

Smoke Rings

Hi! I hope all the Gas Engine Family is feeling fine and ready for Spring- it's just around the corner-and we have so many communications that I will not take up any more space-sooo

WILLIAM L. BAILLET, Route 1, Box 112, Ogdenburg, New York 13669 has a problem and wonders if anyone can help. He is trying to remove the crankshaft from two ball bearing engines-I.H.C. Would like to know if anyone knows the proper way to remove the main bearings from the crank and the block at the same time. He has manuals and parts books on other tractors but they do not give any information on this problem.

'I need help in restoring an old Orchard sprayer made by the Hardie Manufacturing Company of Hudson, Michigan. It is powered by a Stover Power Unit Type MV5, speed 1250, No. VB 233030 R. It is mounted on four wheels and the tank on sprayer is made of wood. The engine and pump are under a type of hood that might have been on a car or truck of the 1930s. Info as to color, year or anything about the company would be greatly received.' Write KEITH JACKSON, RR#2, Valley Falls, Kansas 66088.

'I need help with a few of my engines,' says G. E. HOUSTON, Route 1, Box 43, Couderay, Wisconsin 54828. He continues: 'First I have a Bulls eye 2 HP gas engine, sideshaft, S/N 5930. Apparently, this is a rare engine as I have not been able to find any info about it. Would like to know who made it, what year, etc.

I also have a Fairbanks Morse 6 HP Model Z and a F.M. 1 HP Model Z headless. Am having troubles with both of these and could use help from someone experienced with these engines.'

TOM MILKE, 6936 Knickerbocker, Ontario, New York 14519 has two New Way uprights, 5 HP and would like to know when they were built; Model CH S/N CT0784C and Model CH, S/N C10170? What did the gas tank look like? What are the directions on top of the CT0784C supposed to read, because it is different from the other engine?