Smoke Rings

| March/April 1981

This is the Spring issue and a good time for a lot of rebirth, of new beginnings-in fact that is the now President Reagan's slogan-A New Beginning-and also the hostages are now free and home again and certainly for them it will be a New Beginning-we Praise the Lord and give thanks for their return and pray they will make the expected recoveries-and in our jubilation, let us not forget the eight men who gave their lives for the very purpose of getting these 52 home again. Those families of the eight are also facing a new beginning, not nearly as bright as the Americans that are now back home. Let's give them our prayers and support that they may be able to face the future in God's care. Don't throw away the yellow ribbons-we may be needing them again-as news has told us a linguist missionary has been taken prisoner now- and how about all the fellows that never came back from the Vietnam War-and yet are believed to be still alive and prisoners?? Maybe we could get a prayer chain started for them and bond together again in a worthwhile cause. Let's face it, it seems when the Americans get enthused about a common goal, good things happen. And while we are at it, let's not forget to pray for the leaders of national, state and local government.

To begin this time, there comes a letter from JOHN KLINKER, 11687 S.E. 33rd, Milwaukie, Oregon 97222: 'To all of you detectives in Gas Engine Land, I am looking for the decal that was used on a 1915 Judson. The engine was built by Stover and shipped to Winnipeg, Manitoba and sold under the name of Judson. The decal is an oval about 2?' wide and 5' high with a large J in it. If any of you have an engine with this on it, I would like a tracing with color described or a color picture.' (I always tell you fellas not to ask for items, only information in this column. I guess this is an exception. It seems it must be very hard to find and he is really asking for a tracing or description. I hope I have not slipped up on my own rules that I convey to you. See if you can help John.)

ALLEN HABERMAN, 14321 Josephine Road, Largo, Florida 33540 sends this: 'I wait for your magazine to come and articles like the Cletrac Tractor Collection are invaluable.

I just purchased a Terra-Trac tractor with a six foot hydrolic blade, however, it has a Chevy V-8 in it. I am sure it has more power at idle than the original had wide open. The model is GT34 and S.N. is 491. It was manufactured by the American Tractor Company of Churubusco, Indiana. I would sincerely appreciate any information I could get, regarding color, year, history, etc. Thanks in advance.'

'Maybe someone can answer my question,' writes DUANE L. McNABB, 4011 West Puget Avenue, Phoenix, Arizona 85021. 'I have a corn grinder that has the word Iowa on the hopper in two inch letters with another word below, also two inches high and looks like Bull, but I am not sure. There is no other identification. The hopper was green, the rest was red. Any help on further identification?'

The following letter is self explanatory: 'I recently acquired a 12 HP Hercules engine #125524 and would like to correspond with owners of similar engines for some restoration hints. My engine, which was possibly manufactured around 1915, appears to I have been originally a kerosene throttling-governed engine equipped with igniter. Through the years it has been modified and now incorporates a Fairbanks Morse magneto and spark plug. The previous owner had run it for many years on gasoline and it is still operable on this fuel. I hope to restore it as originally designed and welcome any helpful advice from your readers. Anyone interested may write JOHN LOVETT at 3607 Thrushwood Drive, Chattanooga, Tennessee 37415, or call me at (615) 875-0140. Thanks very much.'


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