Smoke Rings

| March/April 1980

Unidentified Engine


This next writing is from WAYNE GRENNING, 318 Summit Street, Boonville, New York 13309: 'I have just purchased my first antique gas engine and need some assistance in restoring it. There is a brass plate on the top of the hopper. It says 'Engine No. 305620 R.P.M. 475 Horse Power 3FD.' On the side of the hopper behind the magneto there is a stencil that says 'Jaegeur Machine Co., Columbus, Ohio.' On the front of the hopper above the valves there is a decal that says 'Hercules Corporation, Evansville, Indiana U.S.A.' On the base under the magneto there is an oval brass plate that says 'In correspondence always refer to mixer and engine as No. 4 I Model D10H Jaegeur Machine Co., Columbus, Ohio.' My engine has a Wico EK magneto with a kill button. The serial number is 774320.

My first question is: what was the relationship between the Jaegeur Machine Company, and the Hercules Corporation? In some literature I have acquired, the Arco, Economy, the Hercules Corporation and the Jaegeur Machine Company are synonymous. Is this true and what is the relationship between these companies?

Does any reader know the original color of this engine and when it was built?

Thanking your readers for any help with my project.'

This next letter could be very important to a certain individual. Read it as it is typical of the concern for each other in this Gas Engine Family. It comes from BILL HACHTEL, 8901 Smith Road, RD 6, Willoughby, Ohio 44094: 'Six years ago I answered a plea in your column from a Michigan man looking for information on a Euclid Electric & Mfg. Co. engine. In pursuing information I ended up with the name tag for the engine. The engine has since been sold and if the buyer would contact me, he can have the tag.'

HERB PERSING, R.D. 2, Pitts-field, Pennsylvania 16340 has a 3? HP Associated and a 3? HP United-about the only difference is the water hopper, he claims. He would like to know who copied who and what the color of each engine is. And he adds, 'Would like to thank you for a wonderful magazine.'