Smoke Rings

| March/April 1980

Hi! March-April issue means Springtime somewhere in those eight weeks-getting ready for gardens is important to many, but just as important is getting ready for the Gas Shows-so go ahead and pick the seeds for your garden and the paints and parts for the engine-and have a great time-when you're done reading the G.E.M. And now on to those terrific letters that also aid many of the folks in our G.E.M. family-

Our first letter is from a young enthusiast named CHARLIE McGUIRE, R.F.D. 1, Burdick Road, Norwich, Connecticut 06360: 'I am 12 years old and have been collecting engines for three years. So far I have only two engines. The first engine which is restored is a 2? HP Economy, 450 RPM and the engine number is 82733. I would like information on that engine.

Also, my other engine is a Friend Orchard Sprayer, Model Serial number is DX7694. I would like to know the color of it. Also on the carburetor, which is a Schebler manufactured in Indianapolis, Indiana, there is a casting number on the side of the bowl DX111 and under that number is the letter S- what does that S mean? It is spark plug ignition, but was there ever a magneto? I don't see a place for one. Well, hope I get some good answers.' (And I hope you do too Charlie-and thanks for writing.)

ROY NEWTON, 13967 Marquesas Way, Marina Del Roy, California 90291 writes: 'We are restoring a marine engine which will ultimately go into a 1923 antique launch, and we are seeking information on the year of manufacturing. It is a United States Motor Corp., Oshkosh, Wisconsin, Model #OK-4, Serial #91114. An ad from a 1927 issue indicates it is from that era. The company eventually ended up a part of Emerson Electric and through the years the records were lost or destroyed. We are looking for a manual of repair or a copy of same. We would like to communicate with anyone who could help. (See classified ads.)

G.E.M.'s have been most helpful in suggesting that we write you to see what your readers say. I might add that we are into antique boating and now that we have discovered G.E.M. we have added a new dimension. My wife doesn't need this-but I do!

We would like to thank you for the most enjoyable articles in your column. You have a great way of presenting (otherwise-droll) information with good humor. We look forward to each issue. Good luck!' (Thank you so much Roy-and I hope you get letters and help on your engine.)