Smoke Rings

| March/April 1978

This is the March-April issue I'm working on - sadly to say it is not March-April spring like weather yet close this out - but BOY will we be happy for SPRING!! We've had over 21 inches of snow plus ? how much rain interspersed with freezing, blowing, chilling, just bluckey weather - I was sitting here the other day typing a while and then scooping up water with the water vac or else sweeping it up, then typing then cleaning water again as the weather had warmed up and the ground is many feet deep with frozen water and it starts coming in our cellar walls and when it comes running under your feet where you're working - its time to get busy getting rid of the water - and to think how California was so dry for so long - wish we could have shipped it right out there - oh well, Praise the Lord anyhow! And now onto the letters - many, many

MIKE ROBERTS, Box 157D, Cedar Knoll Road, RD 1, Coatesville, Pennsylvania 19320 writes: 'I've recently acquired a Delco Light Plant and need some information. As I'm fairly new to the Gas Engine Game, perhaps someone of the readers could help me.

The engine is a four cylinder overhead valve and is air-cooled. There is a large aluminum cover that swings over the rocker arms. Delco Light Company, Dayton, Ohio, U.S.A. is cast into the crankcase on the carburetor side. The generator is mounted on what I would consider to be the rear of the engine; and there is a switch and fuse panel mounted above the generator area. The whole outfit seems to be complete and in very good shape, but I would like to get some information on the electrical side of things before I attempt to start it so I don't fry the generator and control box. If any of the readers could offer any advice on this outfit, I would really appreciate hearing from them.

I would also like to know the proper color scheme for a Fuller and Johnson farm pump engine. In closing, let me say that I really enjoy the Smoke Rings column and usually read it first when G.E.M. arrives.'

JOHN W. DAVIS, 20070 St. Rt. 119, Maplewood, Ohio 45340 comments; 'I have a few words for Smoke Rings column - I look forward to each G.E.M. and I.M.A. magazine and enjoy them very much. I thought the colored pictures used, added a lot and would like to see more.

I am a Case tractor collector and would like to hear from someone who has any information on a Model CD crawler that I think was built in the 30s. There is a picture of one in a little pamphlet called A Case History.'