Smoke Rings

| March/April 1975

Hi Dear Folks - betcha you're getting restless to get a'goin to see what's alive in '75 at the Re unions-well, I have a lot of letters, questions, suggestions, etc. but to begin with, I'm going to use a letter I pondered over quite awhile as to whether to put it in the column. You know this column is your medium of exchanging views and helps, tips, and information to each other and we too here are interested, even if we don't understand as well as some of you folks what each item is about. However, at times, I tend to bring in my family and my life style and I never want to bore anyone or bring you oodles of words you may not be interested in-this letter sort of boosted me on telling my views, however I'm sure it does not speak for all of you, nor would I expect it to, but-ANYHOW From HARTZELL COPE, Route 4, Cadiz, Ohio 43907 -it goes like this: 'Many times when you start your Smoke Rings column you will cut your part short to get on with the many letters and that is a mistake as that is a very important part, when you write of your family and their joys and trials - you add a most important ingredient to any column, the Homey past. Most people can report cold hard facts, but it takes that personal touch to make it right. I think this is especially true for the type of people you are reaching. Keep up the good work. I think I shall just have to tell you the thing that assures me the Branyan family is definitely my style of family. When I called you home one afternoon, I talked with your daughter and when she told me you were not at home, I asked her when she expected you. She said, 'About supper time,' - Not five o'clock or Six o'clock, just 'About Supper Time'. I thought that was just the nicest way it could have been said. It told me she had a generous helping of God and Country in her make-up.' (See what I mean - some of you will be glad I included Hartzell's letter, some of you won't, as for me, it surely gave my spirit a lift. And now onto the letters from our Gas Engine Family.)

GEORGE KOSDORF, SR., 704 South Sixth Street, Goshen, Indiana 46526 is looking for some help with his recently acquired engine, as follows:

'Last August my wife and I journeyed into Pennsylvania to pick up an engine. It is now safely here and in the process of being restored. Fortunately it was in fair condition. The maker according to the nameplate was Bovaird and Seyfang. It is 5 HP, air cooled and is a vertical, hot tube ignition and fueled by natural gas.

I have written to Bovaird and Seyfang but they have been absorbed by Clark Co. in the 30's. I did get a very nice reply from a Mr. F. D. Struchen and he said they had no knowledge of such an engine. So ... I would like to hear from anyone who has such an engine or who knows anything about this engine. I think I can get in operation without any trouble but one thing puzzles me most, it has two exhausts. Were they piped into one common muffler or separate?

I might add, it was used in the oil fields and others are still being used. It was only through the efforts of a friend that I was able to obtain this engine as it had not officially been retired.'

RICHARD AYRE, R. D. 1, Box 224, Drums, Pennsylvania 18222 has just purchased a Peerless gas engine made in Lansing, Michigan. It is a side shaft with overflow carburetor and governor hit and miss. This engine sat outside for 10 to 12 years and is stuck and there are a few parts missing. He is hoping someone out in Engine Land, with a Peerless, will write to him and help him out with the governor and the timer - let him know what he is to do -.


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