Smoke Rings

| March/April 1973

  • Smoke Rings

  • Avery Tractor
    Courtesy of Bill Morganfield, Winner, South Dakota 57580.
    Bill Morganfield

  • Smoke Rings
  • Avery Tractor

Hi Good Friends! I know, I know-- you're anxious to get 'out to the Shows' but be patient, it won't be long now and if you live Southward, there are a few real early and you could be packing your bags (and engines) for them now. Have fun!

We've had a rather odd winter (so far) back East--one day it's freezing and real wintry-the next day its like Spring-enough on the weather report and onto some advice and letters.

Don't forget Fellows, if you are interested in locating parts, or certain engines, etc. I cannot put this in my column as that is really an ad and you must write in and put in the Classified ad department--as to history, or colors of machinery--this type of information--I will gladly mention--I'm sure you understand.

From BILL LOWERY, R. R. 2, Waynetown, Indiana 47889 writes us: 'I have an old Novo gas engine. Would you have any information on the old engine? I would like to know approximate age of the engine. I have noticed air freight that bears the same name as the engine I have. Could this air freight lines at one time have manufactured this old engine?

The identification plate has the information on it-NOVO-No. 24010, 2 HP, 600 Revs. Novo Engine Company, Lansing, Michigan. Manufactured for the Leader Iron Works, Decatur, Illinois--Owego, New York. Any information that you have to offer on the old engine would be greatly appreciated.' (There you are Guys--get your pens in hand).

'Through your friendly column, I hope to get more information on the following engines I'm restoring. I've started to restore a Silent Alamo motor generator set rated at 1KW-32 volts-2000 r. p. m., Serial 12908, but I need help on description of the wiring as the complete panel board is missing.