| March/April 1972

Well, we are getting some winter now and I'm rather glad as I was apprehensive that perhaps we would get it all at once around Easter--maybe now it will be Springtime when we are accustomed to it.

I hope all our GEM family has been enjoying good health and friendship through the magazines and letters to each other. We have many this time, so I won't take up space with my gabbing.

R. H. RAEBURN, 3105 Churchill, Malton, Ontario, Canada tells us: 'In Nov-Dec. issue of 1967 on page 24 you show a two cylinder opposed engine under the What Is It Column. I think it was the following summer a similar one was displayed at Steam-Era with a sign What Is It?

A short time ago a friend and I went to the Canadian Automotive Museum at Oshawa and there is one of the same there and listed as being out of a car called Tudhope built in Orillit, Ontario in the early days. It was a friction drive engine crosswise in frame and a friction roller held against flat disc (not visible in picture) on the other end of crankshaft. Speed was varied by moving roller in or out on the disc or to the opposite side of center for reverse. As to who built the engine or when, I have no idea. The Tudhope Company, I think, are still in business and build farm equipment. (Hope this information will be of some help).

RON MAGNUSON, Good Hope, Illinois 61438 would like to hear from any of the guys who collect spark plugs or have any that would like to trade or talk about--(get busy you spark pluggers).

I think you are all familiar with the regular column running for quite awhile in the Gas Engine Magazine known as 'How Your Hobby Started' written by Carleton M. Mull, 3904-47th Ave., Seattle, Washington 98118. Carleton sent me this picture a good while back of he and his lovely wife--the picture is in color so I know you won't see the beauty as I do, but Mrs. Mull raises roses and this is in their rose garden and that is Lake Washington in the background. I thought I'd like to share it with you.