Smoke Rings

| July/August 1984

HI! May you all have a wonderful summer! We certainly haven't to this date had much spring, but we're all keeping our fingers crossed for a great show season. Perhaps we'll have good weather for the reunions since we have already had so much rain. Oh well, rain or shine, you'll have a good time! I have many letters so we'll just jump right into them

This is an interesting letter from R. F. DURIG, 1364 Eileen Drive, Xenia, Ohio 45385: 'I recently acquired a 'Gas Engine Handbook' by E. W. Roberts, published by the Gas Engine Publishing Co. of Cincinnati in 1900. In the back of the book there are some advertising fly leafs, common in old publications. One advertisement is for a monthly publication called the 'Gas Engine Magazine'. Any relation in your history?

I am a recent (1977) enthusiast and have subscribed to your magazine since I became aware of it, but have no idea how it was started, when and by whom. I am sure it would be of interest to many of your readers to find out the history and origin of your magazine.'

In reference to the above letter I will give you some answers. In July, 1946, Rev. Elmer L. Ritzman, Millerstown, Pennsylvania wrote a three page letter to soiree steam farm engine enthusiasts he had visited across the country. From that first letter, he saw a need for a magazine and the first issue of The Farm Album came out in the winter of 1946. From that time it grew steadily in pages and later into six issues a year, it was renamed The Iron-Men Album Magazine beginning with the Sept.-October 1950 issue. Over the years, growth continued and as more subscribers were brought in, Elmer started to use at least a page an issue just for gas engines, tractors and related items. As the gas interest continued, Elmer realized the market for a magazine geared only to gas engines and at the age of 76, in 1966, he published the Gas Engine Magazine. His foresight proved correct as circulation of this magazine has grown to over 18,000. When Elmer died in 1971, the office was based in Enola, Pennsylvania. His wife, Earlene, took over until 1973 when the company was moved to Lancaster under the leadership of Gerald Lestz. As for there being another Gas Engine Magazine, we have not heard of one published either now or previously. Both the Iron-Men Album Magazine and Gas Engine Magazine are still bimonthly and both are under the ownership of Gerald S. Lestz. We hope they will both continue for a long time preserving the present and past for the future.

The following comes from B. W. HEINRICHS, Box 1553, Altono, Manitoba R0G 0B0, Canada 324-6676'I would like any kind of information on a Cushman Husky Model M8-1, 2% x 23/4, RPM 1600-3200, HP 2.8-50. I am interested in knowing anything about the governor. The engine is air-cooled.'

'In answer to the two letters on the General which appeared in the March-April issue, we submit the following,' write WM. AND HELEN WINKELMAN, Arenzville, Illinois 62611: The General GG-In 1980, we bought a General G. G. tractor made by the Cleveland Tractor Co. of Cleveland, Ohio, makers of Cletrac. The serial number on our tractor is A-256. It was manufactured in 1939. The company built 386 tractors that year, but there are no known records to indicate the total number built over the years.