| July/August 1983

Hi! I guess you can see from the last issue there are many shows coming up this summer and I bet some of you already have your gear packed and everything in tip-top shape and set for take-off. Do have fun and keep us posted on anything new, different, exciting or just plain home style fun and chats from the wonderful reunions.. .and onto the many letters full of interest and questions.

JOHN TROUTMAN, 940 E. Street, Salida, Colorado 81201 writes: 'In regard to my request on the Bean Orchard Sprayer engine in the March/April issue, I have replies but they have been on 1 cyl. upright engines. I forgot to mention that mine is a 2 cyl. 4 cycle horizontal opposed, 10 HP, 850 RPM S/N 484. It has a 4-hole gear driven lubricator on top. Does someone out there have one like this? I would like to borrow photos or drawings on this set-up.

'I also have a Schramm sideshaft air compressor and would like some information on this unit. It is mfg. for Chris D. Schramm & Son, Philadelphia, Pa. by Domestic Engine & Pump Co., Shippensburg, Pa. S/N 11305, speed 5004x4 and the governor lever has been repaired, but doesn't look like it will work right. Would appreciate photo or drawings of this area.

'I also have a Waterloo Boy(?) Model H 2 HP(?) As near as I can determine from looking at pictures in G.E.M. There is no name tag on it but there are rivets on the pulley side where there was a tag. I got a rocker arm for this model and it fit so I must be close on identification of engine. What year was it made? I would like to hear from someone with an engine like mine and would like photos or drawings of governor and igniter setup on this unit.'

MIKE LON, RD #1, Wampum, Pennsylvania 16157 is proud to send us this: 'This picture is of my 82 year old grandmother with an engine my father and I restored for her. She purchased it herself, but we did the restoring to her tastes. It is a 1925 Economy 1 HP engine. My dad painted 'Gram's Motor' right on front of the water hopper. Both she and the motor are special and both will be at the Portersville Gas Engine Show this summer. '(Terrificisn't it? See, this hobby hooks all ages no limit!)

'I want to thank GEM for putting my Titan on the front cover of the March/April issue and you did it just at the right time as I received my copy Saturday, March 19my 58th birthday and it was the best present I ever got!


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