Smoke Rings

| July/August 1981

Smoke Rings

Well, I am sure we must be in the prime time of Gas Engine Reunions, wouldn't you say-and have you noticed?? Each year there are more organizations, more shows which means more good times and more good friends-aren't you glad you are hooked-??on gas engines!

And now I'll get right into the letters for I know you wait from issue to issue to hear from your 'hobby buddies.'

We'll begin with JOHN KEIM's letter. John lives at R.R. 1, Fairview, Kansas 66425 and he tells us: 'After reading one way of unsticking a piston, I would like to share our method of doing it. This system will only work if the valves are either stuck shut or can close.

The first thing to do is fill the cylinder with gun grease. Then make a fitting to fit the sparkplug hole; probably an old bolt would work. Saw the bolt off so it is about 1 or 2 inches long. Then drill a hole through the center of it. After that, thread the hold so a grease fitting will screw in it. Then put the fitting into the sparkplug hole. Next, get your grease gun and put it on the grease fitting and start pumping.

The grease gun can put thousands of pounds of pressure per square inch on the piston while expanding the cylinder. You will hear a POP every few pumps. This is, by far, the easiest process for unfreezing a piston, that we have used and hope someone else will find it to be successful for themselves.' (Thanks John, I'll bet you will find some takers on this process of unsticking those pistons. And that is what this column is all about the ping each other with their engine problems-and of course, enjoying it!)

PAINTERS! Please help KEITH E. MATHEWS, R.R. 1, LeRoy, Illinois 61752 with his requests as he types his thoughts to you. 'I have recently acquired in good running condition, a 1 HP E. Hercules gas engine on trucks. The engine serial number is 250896. I would like to know the model year and how to remove the old paint. It has been repainted and I am told it is the wrong color (now a dark green). I need to know the proper paint color, pin stripe detail and color, what color to paint the trucks and location of the decals.