Smoke Rings

| July/August 1979

Greetings to all our Gas Engine Magazine family and friends-we know you are thrilled that it is show time again - and you are trying to scoot to all the shows - t' would be all right if you could use scooters-what with the price of gas-Boy! that hurts to think of the high cost of every thing these days - doesn't it?? It's bad enough how high prices are-but sometimes having the money isn't all that counts - if there is no gas - the money won't help much. Well, here's hoping you all get to some of the shows - and have a big gab fest and straighten out this country - oh yeah! (Still the best country to live in, I believe - and I hear a lot of Amen's on that statement.) Have fun as you share your ideas, your joys and your sorrows as you once again attend reunions. Then don't forget to let us in on these items of interest.

Here comes a letter with lots of information, so you'd better check this one out: LESTER L. ROOS, 328 N. State Street, Geneseo, Illinois 61254 writes: 'I too, like most of your readers, look to Smoke Rings for information. With this in mind, I wish to pass this on to the readers. Due to my health, I have disposed of the Stover Engine & Mfg. Company records, blueprints, etc. Following are the addresses of the places of Stover information, paints, parts, etc. For serial numbers and shipping dates: C. R. Johnson, 2538 Stephenson Circle, Freeport, Illinois 61032. Telephones 8 15-233-1872 and 8 15-449-2316. For copies of parts lists, instructions and parts prints, also windmills: Charles H. Wendel, R.F.I)., Atkins, Iowa 522O6. Phone 3 19 446-2352.For engine parts: Jerry F. Sheldon, 12701 117th street, Orion, Illinois (5 1273. Phone 309 799 3605. For feed mill parts: Vernon Hensel, Ohio. Illinois 61349. Phone 815-379-2330. For Stover decals: M. E Brison, Route 1, Box 192, Millersport, Ohio 43046.

ARMIN HELGESON, Genoa, Wisconsin 54632 wants to know if there are any wrench collection clubs out in Gas Engine Land. He says 'I have been collecting old and odd and different wrenches and I think there is a need for such a club.' (Hope you hear from someone-I don't know of any clubs, but I'm sure there are several collectors of same.)

E. K. COATER, 8448 Chase Drive, Arvada, Colorado 8003 relates: 'This past year I have taken up the hobby of collecting and restoring small 1? to 2? HP small gas engines. To date I have 2 Fairbanks Morse model Z's, I McCormick Deering and I John Deere. What I need to know is where may I obtain information as to the approximate year they were built. So far I have established the year of manufacture on the M c Cormick Deering engine.

The serial numbers on the Fairbanks Morse engines are 510003 and 584836. The serial number on the John Deere is 356256. Any help will be appreciated.

Having just subscribed to Gas Engine Magazine, I find it very interesting reading and several of the ads have helped me locate needed parts lists and service information. Thanks.'