Smoke Rings

| July/August 1978

Smoke Rings

Well, this may be the July-August issue, but while we are having some beautiful spring days, we still have a bit of winter chill mixed in with it-hope by this time you have all your engines and other items relative to your hobby in good shape and ready to roll. Every year brings more organizations and more shows- that's why the yearly Directory is a good little book, if you travel to the shows.

We have letters-and here the first one is from HARVEY S. HILANDA, 1917 S.E. 28th, Portland, Oregon 97214: 'I was pleased to see the magneto magnet charger article I had prepared as a restoration service to the members of the Early Day Gas Engine and Tractor Assn., Inc. and submitted by Mr. H. L. Ritter, published in GEM, March-April 1978.

I borrowed the details, in part, from a very early Horseless Age Magazine, but somehow never got around to sending the article to any of the engine magazines.

This charger does a fine job on horse shoe type magnets and can also be used for charging round Maytag type or other flywheel magnets, the latter can be accomplished by referring to Mr. H. L. Ritter's letter and details in Smoke Rings May-June 1977 .

RALPH UNTERZUBER, 3132 Bradywill Road, Richmond, Virginia 23225 comments; 'Thank you very much for your prompt reply to my letter of February 14, the copy of GEM and your offer to mention a part of my letter in the May-June Smoke Rings. After reading Smoke Rings and realizing the scant information I gave you, I am revising it as you may want to expand on it. A brass tag on the engine gives the following information: Smiths Great Western, Serial #S3002, manufactured by the Smith Mfg. Co., Chicago, Illinois, 5 HP. The engine is a two cycle vertical cylinder with a water hopper on top. '{That's all that was in the letter, folks, so look up May-June and this issue and see if you can help him.)

Then JOHN H. STONE, 674 W. Montecito, Sierra Madre, California 91024 seeks some data: 'We have this small engine and no one seems to know what it is. We would appreciate your letters to help us.