Smoke Rings

| July/August 1975

Smoke Rings

Plans are rolling right along for the Big Auction of Elmer Ritz-man's Korn Krib Collection to be held in Sept. (see full page ad). Send a self addressed stamped envelope and a Flyer will be sent to you - listing the articles.

While it is always sad to break up a collection such as this - we must look on the bright side and be happy the items, we hope, will be going to collectors who will appreciate and preserve them just as their former owner had done.

I'll be looking forward to meeting many of you folks there.

Well, I don't know about the rest of the country, but we really didn't have any Spring here this year - it was mostly cold and then right into Summer - Hey! That's one way to get out of Spring House Cleaning -see there is the other side to every story. Right now though, it's a Bloomin' Country - beautiful everywhere with blooms of flowers, vegetables, trees leafing, happy faces of youngsters beaming -school's almost over ya'know (you also realize I'm writing this in early part of June). Well, like I mentioned, about the only way we could notice the change of seasons was to SPRING from Winter into Summer - a big exaggerated, but you get the point!

DALE BOSS, 7195 Colony Road, LaMesa, California 92041. From one of our new kin to the family, comes this missal - 'I am a comparatively new member of the G.E.M. family but I can truthfully say I have never enjoyed a magazine more. I don't just read it, I digest it a half dozen times or more. I'm sure others do the same after reading the comments in Smoke Rings.

Now, if you have a little space -I have a plea! I have a couple of one lungers that I could use some help on if I could find someone who had similar engines. 1. - A 3-4 HP Lambert gas and gasoline engine, built in Anderson, Indiana. This is a side shaft engine. Thermoil siphon-cooled, Serial #5757. Has a steam engine type flyball governor that sets on the left side of engine right behind the rim of the 28' flywheel (if you are facing the crank end of the engine). I have seen two other Lamberts, but neither were like mine. Some vital parts are missing and I would like to find some patterns. 2. My other problem child is an Atlas Imperial vertical combination engine and compression (one casting). About a 3-1/2' bore on the engine and a 2-1/2' bore on the compression. This is a real sad sight as someone had let it freeze and the block is partially lifted from the main casting. Also the engine head is badly cracked. It has a Bosch mag and one very heavy flywheel, about 20' diameter with 6' flange, solid. Maybe someone could give some verbal or pictorial assistance - MAYBE??