Smoke Rings

| July/August 1974

Well, I don't know about you, but it takes all my vim and vigor (I have my own energy crisis, you see) to keep up with the events of daily living. First of all, this time of year is a busy time for everyone with banquets, meetings, etc.

We have a pretty active family at home yet. Tommy, age 9, is of course out again for Pony Baseball (so have the meals ready, Mom, at all different hours for all kinds of activities that end or begin at all times-there's always a meal warming in the oven for one of them, or dishes in the sink-after they were just all cleaned up and put away--oh well, I wouldn't wish it any other way, I count my Blessings every day - sometimes I just don't have the pep to enjoy them all). Also, I've been helping at Cub Scouts one hour a week - we had our last weekly meeting for the summer - (now let me see - what will I do with that extra hour??).

Then there is Keli, age 17, who has been having quite a busy spring -Sports Banquet where she received a trophy for Most Improved Basketball Player - (after a broken finger and a sprained ankle) to become most improved - that's something, but that's not a very comfortable way to do it. We're very happy for her. Then there was Baccalaureate Services, Graduation and the excitement of the Senior Prom - was it really time for her graduate?? Where did all those precious years go??). Incidentally, she's my side-kick and even helps me with some of the typing at which she is very able.

And then Donnie is still with us, age 20, and he had a Firemen's Banquet which we attended and he received the 'Rookie of the Year' award for making 32 out of 36 calls. These fellows are really to be commended. Donnie is not the fast moving person in the world, but he is there - when that siren goes off, he's jet propelled. What would we do without the volunteer firemen?

I guess I told you Hubby Ed is back to work for which we are very grateful. It was a trying winter with lots of unprepared happenings, but we're none the worse for it - God has been with us all the way.

And now, I must get on with the column - Many of you folks will remember Dennis McCormack of Timonium, Baltimore, Maryland -as he used to contribute quite a few pictures to both magazines. He and his wife have recently built a Cannonball House in St. Michaels -a Museum to house his collection of engines, drawings, photos, early tools, records and technical library. I believe it is a 5,000 square foot building constructed on a 250 foot by 75 foot site in St. Michaels. Like Dennis says, 'Some people collect furniture or bird's egg, I collect engines.'