Smoke Rings

| July/August 1973

Aultman & Taylor Nest

Courtesy of Melvin R. Rees, 4319 Twilight Drive, Topeka, Kansas 66601

Melvin R. Rees

Hi! I mean YOU - out there with your road maps all over the nation seeking the destinations of the Gas Engine Reunions -- I know you're having fun, increasing your knowledge and making new friendships. Hope you continue to have an enjoyable summer and let me tell you -- I kinda think this 'kind of fun' is here to stay for awhile as we keep hearing of new organizations all the time. They are springing up all over the place.

AND - to you folks who organize and run these reunions a word I'd like to give you - Please get your show reports in when your Reunion is over -- seems so many wait until right before the next year's show to send in the last year's report. It would be nicer to have a couple reports in each magazine than to try and get them all in a year from now.

Yes, I know some of you are complaining about not getting your May-June magazines -- remember last issue when I asked you to bear with us in this transitional period of changing home offices?-- Well, this is just one of those things that happen when a business changes hands -- so, c'mon give us a little more time, O.K.? We're really trying to keep all our family happy -- it will be worth it, if you can overlook some of our 'boo-boos'.

BASIL AMOS, Route 1, Russellville, Missouri 65074 writes us: 'Last fall I ran a small sale ad in your magazine and as a result I sold 11 engines and had inquiries from as far as South Carolina. (Thanks Basil, that's good advertising for us).

'I have noticed so many ads of people wanting ignitors. Why not make them yourself? I made one for my 6 HP hopper-cooled Famous and it looks and works as good as the original. I used no lathe or milling machine, only hacksaw, electric drill and welder and other small tools found around any small shop. Even wound the springs from the coil spring inside a radiator base. Then, after making it, I found -- not far from home, a 6 HP parts engine, complete for flywheels for $15.00.' (Tough luck, Basil, but look what you accomplished by not thinking you were going to come across the part you wanted.)

KRIST D. KING, Route 5, Box 027, Wauseon, Ohio 43567 tells us: 'I have in my possession an old Cushman gasoline engine. The piston travels in an upright position. The model number is 68, 4 HP and the engine number is 57978. I would greatly appreciate any help you can give in locating information for this engine.' (Pen pals, get busy and help Krist.)