| January/February 1980

Smoke Rings

Well, it's hard to believe that we are now making footsteps into a New Year-1980-may we make them worthwhile to be followed-I came across this poem in one of my cookbooks-seems very appropriate as we look forward to the next twelve months: 'Dear Father, you are ushering in another day- untouched and freshly new. So here I come to ask you, God-if you'll renew me, too. Forgive the many errors that I made yesterday-and let me try again, dear God-To follow in your way-But Father, I am well aware I can't make it on my own-So take my hand and hold it tight-For I can't walk alone.

And now onto the letters: BILL BEEMAN, 2022 Bel Air Drive, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada K2C 0W9 is a new subscriber and he writes: 'Over the past few days while going through a stack of a friend's GEM's looking for sources of parts for a number of engines, I have reached two conclusions-first, that I should subscribe to GEM and second, that I must trace down the history of the BEEMAN garden tractor. Most of you readers will appreciate the logic of the first decision; perhaps the second deserves the following explanation:

I have always had an interest in old engines, motorcycles, cars and boats and have tried whenever possible to develop a detailed story of the design, manufacture, sale and use of the product by its successful owners until it reaches my hands and is restored to the best of my ability. As many of you readers know, this poses a challenge, wrapped in mystery and threatened by frustration!

In addition there is the background my father passed to me of his lifetime interest in family history and records leading back to Captain Daniel Beeman who first landed in Massachusetts from the ship KING from England and took up residence in Norwich, Connecticut in 1680. Somewhere I believe, there must be a link between Captain Daniel, the manufacturer of the tractor and myself. What a challenge to find that link, locate a tractor and put it to work!

I would, through your column, seek help and guidance in this task. Any information regarding the BEEMAN garden tractor, memorabilia, pictures of the factory and original owners, etc.' (Please help Bill fill in this background data of a BEEMAN engine.)

JAY JOHNSON, 6726 Oleander Circle, Roanoke, Virginia 24019 has this to say: 'I am in need of more information on an old garden tractor I just purchased. It is a David Bradley Tr-Trac and has two wheels in the front, 12' and only one rear tire, 16' with a Wisconsin engine mounted in the middle of the tractor. When you turn the wheels to the left or right it swivels in the middle. Serial No. 917-59101. Has anyone seen one or know what year it was built? Thanks to everyone who has helped me in the past.'