| January/February 1979

GEORGE JOHNSON, Chester, Iowa 52134 writes that he has an engine made by Chris D. Schramn and Sons, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-makers of gas and gasoline engines. There is no other information on the name plate but it is a very simple engine and runs well. He thinks it is about a 1? HP and would like to hear from anyone who has a similar engine.

ARNOLD L. MILLER, 1615 N.W. Fredith Lane, Topeka, Kansas 66618 is seeking information on a 'one minute engine' manufactured by Minute Manufacturing, Newton, Iowa. It is a four cycle, hopper cooled, upright engine. The governor works by stopping the rotation of the cam on the timing gear. He needs to know what the ignitor looks like and any other available information. He also would like to hear from anyone who has or has seen any of the following engines: Miller, Arnold or Rock Island's upright, tank cooled or 12 HP or larger. He is trying to find out how many of these engines exist.

DON FITZGERALD, 2362 Gale Road, Ann Arbor, Michigan 48105 needs some help as he writes: 'As a means of introduction, I am a member of the Central Michigan Antique Tractor and Engine Club. Also, I am up to my elbows in Fordson Tractors with a Graham-Bradley thrown in for good measure. Can GEM find a subscriber or friend who could work out an equitable formula for rating tractor pulling with the moving weight on the semitrailer? A formula, so that all tractors, regardless of weight, would be equalized when the formula is applied, along with the tractor weight and length of pull. How do tractor pullers in other sections of the country handle this problem?'

BILL TROTTER, 34 W. Euclid Avenue, Barron, Wisconsin 54812 asks us: 'I would like to know if any collectors in G.E.M. have a White engine made in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I understand there is one in each of the Dakotas. Would answer all letters for I would like to correspond with anyone with the White.'

'Who knows anything about this tractor?' asks JERRY WYATT, 31925 Florida Street, Redlands, California 92373. 'I have checked with several clubs, books and longtime tractor dealers and on one has seen one. I bought it from its second owner (1930-1976) who claimed it was experimental. The engine is a Waukeshw 4 cylinder, 4' x 5', April 1927 . . . the rear wheels turn by means of foot pedals, the front by stearing wheel, or the front wheels can be made to free-wheel by a clutch assembly and hand operated band brakes used for stearing. This tractor was last run in 1930 and last started in 1940 or 41. The only wear is from sitting out most of its life.'

LYLE A. OPPERMAN, 801 Park Street, Baraboo, Wisconsin 53913 tells us: 'I am compiling a list of owners of the 'Sta-Rite' gas engine. It was first built in Racine, Wisconsin and then later in LaCross, Wisconsin. I need complete information that is on the nametag and also what type of magneto was used on the engine. After the list has been compiled, I will send the list to all owners.'