| January/February 1979

4 HP Cushman Engine

Winter is here and I am sure everyone is busy planning that 'even bigger and better' show for 1979. Many of you may already be scheduling your vacations to include as many of these shows as possible. Good for you! Quite a few of our readers also seem to be busy with restorations in anticipation of the coming show season. Some of them need answers as is evidenced by the many, many letters:

T.E. Harris, 4 Coady Court, Petaluma, California 94952 was recently given an engine to restore and he needs HELP. The engine plate reads ENERGI, N.P. Jorgen-sens Maskineabrik, H.K.5, AARG. 52, No. 840 TLF., Middlefart 368, the Smoring - double Shell motor oil. He gathers it is a Swedish engine with manufacturer's name and telephone number, but what is H.K. 5 and AARG. 52? It is a vertical single cylinder engine with a cam operated pump (cooling water?), enclosed cast-on-cylinder water jacket, enclosed crankcase, Bosch gear driven mag. and single 16' flywheel. The other end has a clutch of some kind and driveshaft manifold is missing. Any information would help him.

We have not heard for some time from BEN HARTMANN, 1315 S. Florissant, Florissant, Missouri 63031 as he writes. 'I wrote a letter to Smoke Rings about five years ago when I first became interested in this hobby. I received a very good response. I've met a lot of wonderful people who have helped me a lot in finding and restoring old tractors and engines.

I now have run into a problem again and thought some readers may be able to help.

I recently acquired a Model W Cletrac, made by the Cleveland Tractor Company, Cleveland, Ohio. I am trying to find the age of this tractor. On the engine tag the number is 10174 with Cleveland Tractor Co. The tag on the frame has the number 29552. From what I can tell it was originally a sort of army green color.

I would like to find someone who has a listing of years by serial numbers or any other information about this tractor that would be of help in restoring it.