Smoke Rings

| January/February 1978

Smoke Ringers

BRRRRR! It's getting pretty cold right now and lots of snow flurries - hope the storms hold off till we get the preparations for Christmas finished - which makes me realize that when you get hold of this issue-  it will be 1978 - hope it's GREAT-  for each of you. And onto the letters - we have so many - so glad you folks enjoy this medium of communicating to all the readers:

H. L. RITTER, Route 5, Box 127 relates: 'Smoke Ringers and Greasy Hands - I think I have answered all your fine letters to date. If this has not been done, sorry I missed you. But here and now I thank all you nice people.

I am enclosing some items I had put in The Bugle (a paper which is put out by Pioneer Gas Engine Association, Inc. - a local club).

To Mr. Harry L. Ritter: (About the Maytag Engines)

The side shaft Maytags were made to operate the large industrial and institutional size washing machines. They were made in 40 and 80 HP. Originally they were tried in a 2 cycle version, but the smoke and noise were 80 times worse than the standard Maytag. If you've been to a show with just one Maytag, you know what they could be like. The addition of the side shaft and valves was the only change from the standard Maytag design. In order to save design costs, every part was scaled up rather than redesigned.

You would have to see the 10 foot diameter pot metal flywheel to really appreciate it. 80 M.P.H. winds were generated by the cooling fan and were a real hazard to anyone trying to stand within 60' of the suction side.