Smoke Rings

| January/February 1974

Smoke Rings

Anna Mae

Hi! Well, I don't know how it is where you are - but where we are -well, we had a long Indian summer and lots of cold weather, and then POW! We got all the snow we should have had for a couple times. And I have so many letters this time to go into the column, I'm not going to take your time with my gabbing; so here goes with the first letter from:

RAY PICHEL, R.D. 1, Hellertown, Pennsylvania 18055 has a side shaft 6 HP Kenwood engine and would like to know if anyone else has one. (By the sound of that, it must be very rare - if someone else has one, please let Ray know - and us too.)

THOMAS E. SMALL, Route 1, Box 868, Roscommon, Michigan 48653 sends this letter of praise -'In the last G.E.M. there was a letter of gratitude from Neil Erickson of Midland, Michigan. He stated he didn't have time to work on his Witte engine for he was getting ready for a reunion. Well, the ones of us that attended this reunion owe Mr. Erickson a vote of gratitude, for Mr. Erickson put on this reunion by himself. It was a very good show and we had a good time.

As long as we have men around like Neil Erickson, these old engine shows will be a great form of entertainment. I would like to thank Neil for the work he put out, so we could all enjoy ourselves.'

R. F. SOMERVILLE, 12498 232 St., Maple Ridge P.O., Haney. British Columbia, Canada tells us he has tried to buy an 18 page 1918-1920 sales catalog on the 10-20 Titan tractor, but received no answers at all. Is there anyone can help him out, perhaps lend him some information. He used to operate one of these tractors in the 1920s.

HARRY LEE, Box 119, Elnora, Indiana 47529 says he has a few old tractors, McCormick Deerings, ranging from 1923 models and up. He would be happy to have someone write his hobby up for our magazine and take pictures. Anyone out around there that is interested in the G.E.M. for this purpose, contact Harry.