| January/February 1973

Old Garden Tractor

Hi out there in Engine Land! By now you are working on your little gems for the upcoming season and if you have some spare time, please answer some of our fellows who are really in need of help.--And Happy New Year and may the Lord with Blessings shower Thee in the Holy year of 1973.-Onto the letters:-

'Pictured above is my old Garden Tractor I recently purchased and plan to restore. It is a Pioneer, single cylinder, vertical air-cooled, open push-rods and tappets, valves, etc. I would like some information on this machine, such as color scheme, type and shape of gas tank, year made, etc.'

This information comes from GARY J. OECHSNER, R. R. 1, Campbells-port, Wisconsin 53010 and he would like more information as you can read-Please see he gets some of his questions answered--perhaps all of them, eh?

HAROLD B. KINNEY, SR. Route 1, Woodsvield, Ohio writes us: 'I reside in South eastern Ohio and in an old oil field. We use Reid gas engines to pump oil wells. Many of these gas engines have been running here for 70 years. Could anyone furnish history or information of Joseph Reid and his factory in (formerly) Oil City, Pennsylvania?'

Any of you fellows have these type engines know anything that would help Harold--he'd be mighty pleased to hear from you.

GARY W. TIDWELL, 21 Chesslee Road, East Hartford, Connecticut 06108 writes: 'Having cultivated quite an interest in old engines, I have so far managed to accumulate an 8 HP I.H.C., 5 HP Witte and 2 (I think) 3 HP Novos. All are in good condition and I hope to have them running by summer. I derive a great amount of pleasure and satisfaction from working on these old 'Iron Monsters'.--Even if my wife does not approve! I would like to obtain any kind of information on my engines. Looking forward to hearing from you.'--There you are, owners of similar engines--drop Gary a line.