| November/December 1981


Courtesy of Dave Preuhs, LeCenter, Minnesota 56057.

Dave Preuhs

Remember the song Over the River and Through the Woods to Grandmother's House We Go etc well, it's that time again November with Thanksgiving and December with Christmas. Carols will soon be consuming the song time on radio, TV, churches, programs and records I think it is wonderful the different seasons we have and the many traditions we practice enjoy them, get the Christmas Spirit and keep it with you all year. Praise God for all the many wonderful blessings we can enjoy I don't believe any of us are thankful enough. Well, on to the letters that make Smoke rings so readable.

We'll start off with an informative letter from BOB JESSUP, 5613 Elon Drive, Orlando, Florida 32808: 'I notice many people write in asking for information on Silver King tractors. All they need to do is write the company. The name has been changed to Plymouth Locomotive Works, but still receive mail as Late Root Heath. There are a lot of Plymouth locomotives operating in the phosphate mines near here.' (Thanks Bob, I'm sure these folks will appreciate this tip.)

HERMAN PEARL, Louisville, Kentucky 40215 just sent a note to thank us for a very nice informative magazine, says it is just great and he looks forward to each issue. 'The reminder envelope in the last issue to renew is just great that way we screw driver pushers don't forget to renew. Keep up the good publishing.'

EDDIE TURNER, Route 2, Box 279-B, Pamplico, South Carolina 29583 sends this letter and is waiting for your answers: 'I need some help. I would like some information on an engine I just acquired. First who made it, what year was it made, what is the right colors for it and what is the horsepower and RPM?

The engine is in very good shape, and I am going to restore it. There is no nameplate on it, so any information on it would be appreciated.

I will try to describe it for you: the magneto is an American Bosch type 1922, next there is a number on the end of the crankshaft 57114. Is this the serial number? There is also a number on the connecting rod N-6, and a number on the exhaust valve, rocker arm N-28. The bore is 4' and the stroke is 5'. The color is green.'