| July/August 1983

RICH HOWARD, Hysham, Montana 59038 encloses a picture of a Novo that he recently acquired. He would like help in identifying it as there is no nameplate. Also needs HP, RPM, possible date of mfg., original color, any and all help appreciated.

S.O.S. to anyone in Engine Land comes this signal from JOE W. MORRIS, 112 Irwin Road, Powell, Tennessee 37849 or phone collect 615-938-3743: 'I have acquired a vertical, water hopper-cooled engine, no name on it. Top mounted water hopper about 12'xl2'xl0' high and has had a bolted-on lid on hopper with a filler plug and low level water test plug on side. Bottom of hopper forms the cylinder head. Engine has roller bearings on mains. It has oil pan and filler pipe similar to air-cooled engines. It has a reduction gear box on side opposite flywheel with 1' pulley shaft. Flywheel is very heavy 3' face 13' diameter with S.U. 61B cast in flywheel. Governor controlled from enclosed governor weights. American Bosch magneto driven off enclosed gear-Zenith carburetor. H.F. 3 on Float Cover Plate. Bore 33/8'-stroke 4'. If anyone can help, please get in touch with me.'

EUGENE W. DYKE, 2711 Bach-man Road, Manchester, Maryland 21102 sends this picture of a 4 HP Waterloo Boy gas engine, saw rig, Pat. dates, Aug. 7, 1900; Dec. 3, 1901; Oct. 7, 1902 and Aug. 6, 1907. S/N 108871. Eugene is seeking the original paint color, decals, striping and year manufactured plus any more information.

'In your Mar-Apr. '83 magazine, W.L. Bailet wanted to know how to remove the crankshaft from two I.H.C. ball bearing engines. This is how I removed the bearings from an I.H.C. F 20 tractor,' says BOBBY EATON, Ethelsville, Alabama 35461.

'With the engine block lying on its camshaft side (or the water outlet side, depending on which hand you use a hammer with), hit the inner race of the front bearing with a long punch 10'-12'. Turn the shaft 180° each time the inner race is hit. It took 2 or 3 licks with the hammer for me to find out I needed to hold the punch with vice-grips. Don't forget to remove the bolts holding the bearing retainer. The bearing retainer will come out with bearing. When retainer is ' out from the block a 3-jaw gear puller should hook to it. Tighten puller up against shaft and hit puller with hammer. The bearing should come off. Block up end of shaft with 2'x4' or etc. Then with sledge hammer and 4'x4' or etc. wood block hit front of shaft. Don't forget to remove bolts holding back bearing retainer. The shaft will then come out. Have someone to hold shaft so it won't fall on floor. It takes a lot of time but it works. P.S.Oil ends of shaft and bearing will slide off better.'

'Enclosed find photo of a hot air fan. It is believed this fan was manufactured at Waukee, Iowa around 1912.I live 9 miles from this town and we folks around here are unable to gather any history of this item. It is thought that the building where this was manufactured burned down in 1912. There seem to be no records. Several of the fans still survive. Maybe someone has an old advertisement or something that will give us some historical information.' This letter came from ART DICKEY, Living History Farms, 2600 N. 111th St., Des Moines, Iowa 50322. Art will be waiting for your reply.


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