| July/August 1980

8 Butl er Street Anderson Engine

Greetings! Well - this is it - Engine Time - Wonderful trips to the reunions. Most of you know what to expect and yet I have a feeling it is with new expectation and excitement in your spirit as you make your way to the next reunion. From your letters, I can tell it gets in your blood - so on to a lot of happy putt-putts and glorious smoke rings.

First letter is one of inquiry as JACK THOMPSON, 102 Britannia Street, Straford, Ontario, Canada N5A 5Z2 asks: 'I understand hydrogen gas can be used as fuel for gasoline engines. I do not know the details as to how it is produced, but I understand it involves passing an electric current through water. I noticed on a television program they have a lightning monitoring station set up in the Rocky Mountains. Why not use lightning as a source of electric current to produce hydrogen gas??' (Answers, anyone?)

You may be interested in SCOTT THOMPSON'S letter: 'I hope I can get some help from a lot of GEM readers here in Illinois. I am in the process of compiling a collection of photographs of older and antique farm equipment which I hope to put into book form soon. The concept is that these will be pictures of the old machinery as it is today, possibly still in use, or at least shown in a farm-style setting. Photos will be in color, something one doesn't see too often.

So if you would like to have your machinery included in this collection, please contact me as soon as possible. I'd like to hear from owners of tractors, steam engines, horse drawn implements, etc. etc. Preferably in the Illinois or eastern Iowa area. That's Scott Thompson, 1227 Royal Avenue, Pekin, Illinois 61554. (309) 347-2742.

From FRANCIS T. MALECHA, RR 3, Northfield, Minnesota 55057, this letter: 'I would appreciate any information your GEM readers could give me about my Ziegler Schryer engine. The engine has two name tags on it. One reads 'manufactured by Ziegler Schryer Mfg. Co., Freeport, Illinois U.S.A. HP 6, Speed 300, Lot A, No. F5215.'

The other tag reads 'Duplex Manf. Co., Gasoline Engine Dept. Makers of portable stationary and marine gasoline engines, Superior, Wisconsin.' The Duplex tag does not give any information about horsepower, speed or serial number.