Simplicity Flywheel Engine: My Favorite

| August/September 1988

  • Flywheel Engine

  • Flywheel Engine

19 Purdue, Pueblo, Colorado 81005

I belong to the Front Range Antique Power Association and I have a Simplicity Flywheel Engine.

Let me tell you about an exciting event that happened to me.

One day without leaving my own yard I found what might be one of the rarest engines in this part of the country. This is the way it happened-

I was working in my garage when Joe Bucciarelli, my neighbor from across the street, came over. He is in his late 70's and he saw the Witte Woodsaw I was working on. He said, 'I see you have one of those old engines.' I said, 'I collect and restore them.' He said that he and his brothers had an engine with bigger flywheels that stood at about his waist. So, naturally my attention level rose 110%!

After conversing for a while I popped the question. 'Would you like to sell it?' I told him I would repair it, clean it and fix it up and give it a good home. He said he would have to talk to his three brothers. My excitement faded when I heard that FOUR people would have to agree to it.