Sideshaft No. 2 Cross Head Cam

| November/December 1991

Gardener air compressor before.

3012 S. Catherine St. Lansing, Michigan 48911

I bought a Gardener air compressor at the Trading Post, Portland, Indiana 1990 show. It had an open crank and a 2' bore, 2?' stroke.

I started on it the last week in October. I made the cart first. Then I put on the 13' flywheel that came off an old post drill that I bought at the Caro, Michigan Show. The connecting rod that came with it had been broken and welded and looked bad. I had two brass rods that I had saved from a junked out surge milking pump. I got lucky. The bottom end was a perfect fit. The rod was ?' shorter but that was okay because I wanted to lower the compression anyway. The new rod had a ?' wrist pin and the old one had a ?'. I made new brass bushings for the piston and cut the pin the right length and that took care of that problem. Then I made the muffler and the gas tank, and stopped working on the engine until spring 1991.

About the end of March, I put valves in the head and made my carburetor out of an old brass valve. I then milled a flat spot on one engine side cover for my bottom side shaft bearing. Next, I put a piece of ?' steel plate under the head and made my top side shaft bearing. Both are brass sleeves. My gears came next. The bottoms are 14 teeth angle gears and the top ones 14 and 28. I bought them at a flea market and don't know what they were used for. I made the camshaft and bearing next. Then the rocker arm with a small ball bearing on the end. Next came the rocker locking arm and a battery saver switch, brass pulley and brass dress up ball on the side shaft.

The hard part I saved for last. I sat at my kitchen table with ruler, paper and pencil and drew four governors before I had one that I thought would be okay I had to put some oil on top of the piston to build up the compression so it would fire. It took a long time to fine tune it. I didn't know where to set the carb. When I did get it running it was too fast. I had to change the governor springs twice.

The engine now starts and runs real nice. Now I can settle down and start rounding up parts for my next one and enjoy the 1991 shows.