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The Future of our Hobby ...

| April 2005

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Online Engine Conversations 


Ten years ago when I first brought antique engines to the Internet, I had thought it might be a way to introduce engine collecting to our younger generation. I worked for 23 years at a college, doing technical support in radio, television and computers, which placed me in and around the younger generation as I aged out of it and retired. The following bulletin board thread was started by Craig. It introduces some of those people in the younger generation, who will carry on our hobby.

• I like to check profiles and see what interests visitors and members have, especially when checking out the chat room. More often than not, there is no other information other than their location. This has probably been done before, but I'm asking, how many "youngsters" - those 25 or under, the hobby's future - frequent this site? - Craig

• I am 23 and I bought my first engine back in 1989. It was a 1-1/2 IHC M, missing all the parts and rusty. I still have it, but I never got it running. I learned a lot, though. - Jon

• I'm 23, almost 24. Been collecting since 1986, when my dad literally helped me drag a 7 HP Saxon home. I have 50-plus engines now. I see a few collectors my age or younger around, but not too many. - Nick

• I'm 19, but not able to work with old equipment as much as I'd like to because I'm away at school. Right now, I'm working on an Oliver 60, but I do like to play with my grandpa's old engines from time to time. - Jake