| November/December 1998

Sharpies Gasoline Engines

P.O. Box 6, 60 East Main Street Wilmington, Vermont 05363-0006

I recently acquired a catalog of 'Creamery, Dairy and Dairy Barn Equipment,' published by J. S. Biesecker, of New York City, in 1916.

This catalog had a full page featuring the Sharpies Gasoline Engines.

C. H. Wendel's book, American Gasoline Engines Since 1872 states that the Sharpies engines were introduced by the Sharpies Separator Company of West Chester, Pennsylvania, in 1916, but by 1919, production of gasoline engines had apparently ceased.

This company is credited with inventing the cream separator.

A complete line of separators is featured in this catalog, from small, hand-powered to steam turbine models.