| August/September 1997

306 Mountain Brook Drive Cumming, Georgia 30130

It's been several years since I wrote to your magazine about SHALDA (named for my grandchildren): SHane, ALlen, and DAwn), my 1921 Hercules 6 S HP one cylinder gasoline engine, serial #361019. I call it a 1921 because that is the year I was born.

My first story about SHALDA was published in the November/December 1980 issue of GEM. Since that time the original body deteriorated and had to be replaced. I saw a picture of a T model Ford Depot Hack (or canopy express) and copied that basic style. I used 1x2 steel tubing for posts and supports and used 5/4 x 12 inch step tread lumber for the body. To cut wind resistance while towing or hauling I left the windshield out.

A large number of 1 to 3 HP engines are on lawnmower or garden tractor frames, but the 5, 6, or larger engines are just sitting around on skids or truck beds. Why not put them to work, too?

With that in mind, this is how SHALDA was built. I bought the engine from a friend in 1973. I used a 1950 Ford pickup frame which I stripped down to a rolling chassis. I cleaned and painted the frame before mounting the engine. The engine was hoisted into position over the frame and two pieces of four inch channel iron were welded to the frame for motor supports. I had to relocate the steering sector back 19 inches to make room for the engine.

Next the engine was placed on the supports and four holes were drilled through the base and the engine was bolted to the supports. To eliminate any movement of the engine while running, nuts were welded on each side of the front and rear of the engine supports.