| August/September 1989

Remodeled the garage

Remodeled the garage

1095 Woodmoor Dr. Monument, Colorado 80132

Each year seems to be different, but still the same. We must have had a good show in 1987, because all year long people talked about the good time they had last year. Some of the people had not attended, but had heard about it from friends. They told me that they planned to attend this year and most all of them did. We have doubled our attendance from each previous year. This year we had three times as many people as last year. We feel we must be doing something right.

The guest list shows that people came from forty-seven cities and towns in Colorado. There were guests from fourteen states this year. A party from Japan stopped by on their tour of the U.S.A.

This was the first year we had a two day show. It seemed to work out well. Some people came Saturday but could not make it Sunday. Some had to work Saturday but were there Sunday. I believe most people came both days.

For you people that have not had the pleasure to attend our shows, let me tell you a little about what we try to do. As you can tell by the name of our club, 'Days of Yesteryear', we try to give the audience a chance to view yesterday. As you tour our show you can see the equipment, animals, crafts, and all the goings on that were the way of life on the farm in the early part of the century. We try to give you a cross section of what happened on your folks' or grand folks' place in the summer time. There are tractors, engines, horse drawn equipment, steam engines, steam powered tools, cars, and trucks. We try to show the farm family, their labors, crafts, toys, and social settings.

The farmer had a hard life. But he took time to make these chores enjoyable. The men were always in competition with each other, and even themselves. They tried to plow more land, pull bigger loads, plant straighter rows, have greener hay, bigger wheat, oat, and corn plants. This was competition of necessity. The better they could produce, the better their life.