Scratch-Built Model John Deere

| January/February 2000

408 Birchwood Ct. Modesto, California 95350

These are photos of the John Deere I scratch built for my grandkids after I retired in the spring of 1995.

It is powered by a 14 CC Ward's Weed Eater engine. The drive is via a cogged belt from a centrifugal clutch on the engine, to a small zero-max gear box. The tractor has four shift speeds on one lever and a second lever is for forward, neutral and reverse.

The body I fashioned using fiberglass. I used 16-inch bike rims and tires for the rear wheels, with ?-inch round spokes and hubs I turned. The front wheels are eight-inch lawn mower wheels.

The seat started its life as a pie pan. It is cushioned with a V. W. valve spring. The steering wheel was a 6-inch milling machine hand wheel, with an aluminum spinner knob added. Speed range is from a creep to a fast walk.

We have participated in four Fourth of July parades since it was built, pulling a tilt bed stake rack trailer I built, either filled with grand kids or stuffed animals.