Scale Model Engine with Water Well Pump

Giving your scale model engine a task can add new dimension to your display.

| June/July 2013

Builders of model hit-and-miss gasoline engines can add considerable interest in the display if the engine is given a job. The full-size engine was belted to some machine, so the scale model engine should be also. Water pumps and grain grinders were perhaps the two most common applications.

This is a model water well pump with jack that is an ideal companion for a scale model engine. The pump kit contains a fully dimensioned drawing and four unmachined gray iron castings: the 18-inch tall standard, the jack casting, pulley and cross head. Five finished steel gears (one is two-step) and the two unpainted wood pitmans are also included. The cylinder with piston will extend 4-1/8 inches below the baseline. With the addition of a bucket or trough and tubing connected to the cylinder, a most realistic pumping operation can be had. The 2-1/4-inch diameter pulley should be run at about 300 RPM. Gear reduction is 12:1. Mineral oil (or baby oil) should be used as the pumped liquid as this will lubricate the piston and not rust the iron.

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