| February/March 2001

  • Sattley engines

  • Sattley engines

131 W. Wilson, Box 413, Oxford, Iowa 52322

Fellow engine collectors, here is a photo of our three Sattley engines that I have restored this past summer, 2000. Two of the Sattleys are air-cooled models. The black Sattley is complete, while the green one (left) is modified with a common automotive coil for generating spark. Both engines run great. These two engines always get a second look from fellow engine show people because they run counter-clockwise. They always ask, 'Are those engines running backwards?' and we say, 'Yep, they sure are.' I got both air cooled Sattleys from our friend, Steve Sorenson of North Liberty, Iowa.

The two engines were in good shape. A little cosmetic work, new paint, carb, cleaning, and a few adjustments and they both ran great.

The water-cooled Sattley was purchased from the swap area at Mount Pleasant, Iowa's Midwest Old Threshers Reunion, 2000. The engine is a 1 HP hit and miss design. It was in fair shape and didn't need much work to get it running. It is missing the Wico mag, so I modified it to run on a buzz coil and battery setup for now. With a little adjustment here and there, it was running smoothly. A new paint job and homemade cart finished the engine off nicely and it's ready for the 2001 show season.

I am planning to show all three Sattleys in the 2001 show season, so maybe you will get a chance to see them.